Who Broke The Girl?

“She had a friend, who never led her, who she felt led to become close to. This friend saw all of her, before she saw all of herself, and had faith in who she would become someday.” 

“Who Broke The Girl?” is a thoughtful reflection on the healing of a wounded life. Narrated by her soul, this memoir flows through The Girl’s life from the time she’s born, through the times she learns how to feel broken, and then the times her dreams break apart on her. The strength of her hope keeps her moving forward on her own road, despite the broken pieces, both inside and out, that come along to trip her up. 

Stripping away superficial names, the narrative focuses on the deepest of emotions that are unconsciously driving her life. From her choice to leave a good life, in a city where she feels the happiness of her first freedom, for a boy that takes control of her life. To the times she chooses to break apart her comfort and run through different lives across the world; hooked on the happiness of starting over where no one knows her, in the hopes of seeing herself more clearly. Only to finally choose to come back to the first city she abandoned with the hope that its energy will bring her real happiness. Feel how all of these breaks chip away at her, until she suffers the deepest of breaks, which leads her to her true self. 

Universal in the emotions she experiences, the lyrics of this girl's life offer a beacon of light to those setting out on their own road to personal happiness.